Dr. Ewell's Ministry Metrics helped add an entirely new depth of understanding to a recently conducted survey designed to help us evaluate current reality and develop plans for the future direction of our Single's ministry.  His expertise in analyzing the data gave us a clearer, more detailed picture of who our respondents were and what they were communicating.  He took data that were difficult for us to make meaning of, analyzed it, and extracted key insights that revolutionized our thinking. If we had been limited simply to the static output from the survey, our subsequent decisions would not have been as nearly well informed.  He helped turn data into workable information which ultimately helped get us on the right track to more strategically impact the single adult culture in the city of Atlanta.

Joel Thomas, Director of Singles, North Point Ministries, Alpharetta, GA


Dr. Bob Ewell helps our pastors know their flock—thousands of people of all ages from young Christ seekers to mature soul winners.

He guides our design of polls and focus groups at both church wide and sub ministry levels. He also counsels in the purchase of automated survey software and equipment and the application of collected data.

Most of all, Dr. Ewell has helped us see that scientifically collected data of member trends and preferences only supports—not preempts—the creative leadership of the pastors.

Rev. Doug Miller, Timberline Church


Dr. Bob Ewell helps us wade through data on consumer preferences and habits.  His guidance makes for successful marketing campaigns for our largely nonprofit clientele.

Surveys he performs among our audiences tell us in advance whether communication and spending strategies are likely to work.

He is the first person I call when taking on new donor relations projects or development campaigns for clients.

Tony Batezel, Sensa Business Communications


We were worried about the commitment of our new members. Dr. Bob Ewell analyzed the historical data and helped us approach new member assimilation in a whole new way. The improvement was monumental! I recommend Bob Ewell to any church that wants to improve effectiveness.

Rev. Jim Salminen, Coordinating Pastor for Ministries, Frazer Memorial UMC.


aorta.tv streams short, gospel-oriented Web dramas to students living in college dorms.

As this ministry gets off the ground, we have depended on Dr. Bob Ewell’s skill with opinion surveys to connect with our viewers and understand their issues.

His professional insights coupled with his sense of humor and gift of discernment would make him a welcome asset to any Christian organization.

Karl G. Hagman, aorta.tv Advisory Board



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